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FREE Services include:

  • Significant Others Relationship & Communication Support
  • Fatherhood, Parenting Information & Education
  • Counseling and Support Sessions with a Male Mentor
  • Abortion Recovery For Men
  • Community Referrals for Medical, Professional Counseling, Programs, Churches, Jobs, and more.


All Pregnancy Services Are FREE, Confidential and Caring, for Both Women and Men.

Coping with the news of an unplanned pregnancy can be overwhelming!

When couples find themselves facing the possibility of an unplanned, unwanted, or untimely pregnancy, it is not uncommon for both the woman and man to experience a range of emotions. Common feelings may include fear, concern, surprise, disbelief, confusion, anger, frustration and more. At times, it can feel like you are on an emotional roller coaster.

The woman often experiences more intensity and emotional swings because her body is going through hormonal changes, and depending on the status of your relationship (a one night stand? or, an ongoing, committed relationship?), and the pressure she is facing (parents, school, job, family, future, etc).

No matter how you are feeling or how complicated your situation is, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. CPC is here for BOTH of you…

We are ready to listen, to answer your questions, to provide needed medical care, education, support, and to help you work through all the issues and decisions that lie ahead of you. Your partner needs support from you now more than ever. No matter what your relationship is or isn’t, if she is pregnant and you are the father of the baby, then you do have an important part to contribute.

There Is No Substitute For You – Here Are A Few Tips To Help You Get Started:

Clear your mind, and listen to what she is saying. Try to understand her feelings. Gather information about options available to her. Talk to friends and family you trust for support and call CPC right away to meet with a male mentor, talk about what is happening and get factual information and practical help. To help show that you are trying to support her, offer to go with her to the CPC pregnancy test appointment.

She will need …

  • To find out: if she is pregnant, how far along she is, and when the baby is due.
  • She will need a pregnancy test, an ultrasound, and medical referrals-All these services are FREE at CPC
  • She and you will need education on all the Options, Abortion/Adoption/Parenting

It’s the woman who decides if she wants to have the father of the baby participate with her in any of her counseling sessions or other support services. Her willingness to include you depends on the status of your relationship and how she perceives it.

Here are some DO’s & DON’Ts to get you through this:


  • Do make her health a priority
  • Do take her to see a health professional
  • Do encourage her to get an ultrasound
  • Do talk openly and honestly about all the options: parenting, abortion and adoption
  • Do help and stay involved if she does decide to parent
  • Do get help and support for yourself at CPC


  • Don’t assume that she wants to be pregnant and carry to term
  • Don’t assume that she wants to abort the pregnancy
  • Don’t assume abortion is the “easy way out”
  • Don’t assume that she is not considering abortion
  • Don’t assume that she was trying to get pregnant on purpose

At  Community Pregnancy Center, we are ready to listen, to understand and to help as you navigate through your next steps. 

Call the Center today at 928-778-7654 for a FREE & CONFIDENTIAL appointment!

Remember the decision about her pregnancy options is ultimately hers to make. You should be able to express your opinion, but you should never try to force her into a decision.

At Commumity Pregnancy Center (CPC), we’re here to help you with all this and more!

Help for Men: You can meet with a male mentor and talk about your situation, needs, and more. If she agrees, you can also both meet and talk her pregnancy counselor together at some point during one of her sessions.

It’s time to stand up and take part in your pregnant partner’s life. 

She needs to know that you care and you are ready to walk through this with her.

  • If she decides to parent, be open to learning how to be the best dad possible
  • If she decides to allow someone to adopt the baby, be willing to consider the adoption option with her
  • If she is considering abortion, help her get safe, accurate and caring counsel

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