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If you’re Scared and Confused, You Don’t Have to Face This Alone.

At Community Pregnancy Center (CPC) we know that being a parent is an enormous responsibility as well as a high and noble calling.

This is true at any age. Being responsible for the life of another, especially one as fragile, innocent, unlearned, small, and utterly dependant as a baby, can truly be an overwhelming prospect!

Many of our clients who courageously choose to parent their babies find themselves without examples in their lives of what it means to be a good parent. As a result, they lack much of the knowledge and skill – not to mention the confidence required to face the very task before them, that of raising a child.

One of our goals at CPC is to encourage our clients who choose parenting to realistically evaluate their own situation.

We want to pose caring questions such as:

  • Does the birth mother have the support of the birth father, financially and/or emotionally?
  • Is there the possibility of building a committed relationship with him, even in marriage, to establish a solid foundation and secure structure in which to raise the child?
  • Are there willing family and friends available to help support the mother and provide healthy input for the child in order to help meet his or her physical and emotional needs?
  • As the child grows, are the mother and her supporters committed to providing the guidance, direction, and discipline necessary for the child to mature into a healthy and positive contributor to society?

We realize that these can be difficult and perplexing questions. We also know that there are no perfect circumstances and certainly no perfect parents.

Our role at CPC is to encourage, educate and resource our clients with sound information and constructive counsel so that they can see their own situation clearly, and with the help of our “Earn While You Learn” Incentives Parenting Program, they will have the necessary tools and help to fulfill their goal to be the best parents they can be.

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